Network (1) Addressing

The articles about networks are written for my readers who are not familiar with the terminology, the functionalities and the cooperation between devices in a network environment. Part (1) explains the basics of networking. Experts should overlook some verbalization because I want to keep it very simple. If you want to communicate with other people … Continue reading Network (1) Addressing

Lost WLAN-Connection

There is still something going wrong with the WLAN-Connection under iOS 6.0.1 update from 2012-11-01. Configuration ... iPhone 4 S with iOS 6.0.1 Cellular data turned on WLAN turned on Apple Airport Extreme Router PPPoE-Connection from APE to DSL-Provider Symptoms ... iPhone 4S does not connect to WLAN iPhone 4S looses WLAN-Connection and switches to … Continue reading Lost WLAN-Connection