Apple Wireless Network

Apple AirPort Extreme is Apple's router for Internet access. It's directly connected to a modem and provides wired as well as wireless access for computers, mobile devices like an iPhone or an iPad, printers, and media devices. Apple offers three different routers (Airport Express, AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule) which can be connected to either a … Continue reading Apple Wireless Network

Network (3) Port Forwarding

Parts (1) and (2) of my articles about networks gave you some basic knowledge about networks and discussed the possibility to connect from the LAN to the WAN or in other words from the devices at home to the webservers in the outer world. The reverse way, connecting from WAN to LAN, is basically not … Continue reading Network (3) Port Forwarding

Network (2) Apple Airport router

Part (2) of my articles about networks is about the installation of an Apple Airport Extreme router (APE). The internet connection is established via a Cisco modem which is connected to a cable internet plug connection. You remember, a router is the device which mainly does the addressing within your local area network (LAN) that … Continue reading Network (2) Apple Airport router