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The majority of computer users is into Microsoft’s Windows as their preferred desktop operating system because of many good reasons. But when it comes to smartphones Microsoft tried it but failed miserably. Devices running Android and iOS dominate with a market share of 99%. If you don’t have a significant share in the mobile market … Continue reading Continue on PC

Hey Apple, what’s your take on Microsoft’s new Surface Pro?

A mobile device with the power of a computer? You don't have it. Have you ever asked yourself why iPad sales continuously decline? For normal people a big-sized smartphone does it all. There's no need for a tablet which runs the same OS like the smartphone does. Decades ago - and supported by lots of … Continue reading Hey Apple, what’s your take on Microsoft’s new Surface Pro?

Let’s get ready to rumble

Another BIG deal from Microsoft and it also can open the door for a successful mobile phone marketing with low-budget devices. A rebirth of the Lumia series with a Chinese OS version would get Apple more and more into dire straits on the world's biggest market. Forget iPads and Macs in China when the Government … Continue reading Let’s get ready to rumble