Say hello to the future

20 09 2017

Say goodbye to $1,000

My today’s feedback to Apple …

“We can add up to 5 different fingerprints for Touch ID. Perfect for family members who should have access.

This doesn’t work with Face ID. Poor.

It’s also poor that Face ID is the only biometric identification system. There are circumstances in which Face ID cannot be used (e.g. when wearing a face protection) but Touch ID. It’s a step backwards in usability to default to the old-fashioned passcode.”

The problem isn’t limited to a family. In hospitals or in Asia where I live people often wear a face protection when the got a cold or a viral infection, muslims wear facial veils, bikers wear a helmet and to just look at a message coming in they have to pull it off, outdoor activities may require safety glasses, and, and, and.

So I’m waiting another year for an improved approach to biometric authentication to simplify the usage. I’m sure we’ll see a return of Touch ID.

This time I can’t say that the company unveiled a finished product.

Microsoft appreciates serious suggestions for feature enhancements via mail but I won’t get any reply from Apple.

See you in the future.

Hey Apple!

19 08 2017

Electronically signed documents are legally invalid in most countries of the world.

And there is even more.

  • Sending a document as an attachment to an unencrypted mail is like an invitation for bad boys to use the signature done with the  Pencil.
  • Using it for business purposes would also require to keep it accessible over 5 to 10 years. But where’s your document management and digital archiving support?

No, no.

It’s not that easy you want us to see this feature.

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As Times Go By

7 08 2017

2007 A masterpiece of simplicity
2017 The world becomes more complex

The primary responsibility for Apple's design since more than 2 decades goes to …

Sir Jonathan Paul "Jony" Ive, KBE RDI (born 27 February 1967) is a British designer and the Senior Vice President of Design at Apple Inc. He joined Apple in 1992 and has the overall responsibility for Industrial Design. He also provides leadership and direction for Human Interface (HI) software teams across the company. He is the lead designer of many Apple products, including Newton, MessagePad, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iOS 7 and more.

Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, a grade within the British order of chivalry

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