Watts Up

Power to your iThing 🚽 WC is the traditional water closet But talking about this would be off-topic. Lets talk about *W* ireless *C* harging that means bringing Watts up to your iThing after laying it down on a little machine which functional principle was already born about 150 years ago. Without the groundbreaking publication … Continue reading Watts Up

Say hello to the future

Say goodbye to $1,000 My today's feedback to Apple ... "We can add up to 5 different fingerprints for Touch ID. Perfect for family members who should have access. This doesn't work with Face ID. Poor. It's also poor that Face ID is the only biometric identification system. There are circumstances in which Face ID … Continue reading Say hello to the future

Hey Apple!

Electronically signed documents are legally invalid in most countries of the world.https://youtu.be/B-Id9qoOep8And there is even more. Sending a document as an attachment to an unencrypted mail is like an invitation for bad boys to use the signature done with the  Pencil.Using it for business purposes would also require to keep it accessible over 5 … Continue reading Hey Apple!