Publishing Mind Maps

If you create mind maps you may publish your work on Biggerplate, your blog, or on social networks like Google+. Here is a description of how I do it to seamlessly allow other people to download the map. On my iPad I use the app iThoughts HD by Craig Scott, UK, which is the best … Continue reading Publishing Mind Maps

Numbering in Apple’s Numbers

Numbers is Apple's app for creating spreadsheets. It's part of the iWork Suite for iOS. From my point of view it's the far away best app for working with spreadsheets on iOS devices. It's simple but yet powerful. The UI is perfect and with the last update 1.7 (2012-12-04) Apple provided a functionality called 'LOCK' … Continue reading Numbering in Apple’s Numbers


If you use the password keeper app 1Password you can immediately open this app from within Safari by entering a command in the address field of Safari. To improve the usability of entering the command first define a shortcut. A shortcut on iOS devices are some letters or numbers which expand into a word or … Continue reading Safari+Shortcut+1Password