Hard Work

2 05 2018

It’s hard work not only for me (to update our driveway) but also for my iPhone 6s Plus running in a moist environment with temperatures above 35C (95F).

I never got the warning

“iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”

the sensors forward to iOS if an iPhone feels bad.

It’s why I remove the Apple Silicon Case if it’s getting hotter and hotter at noontime. It wouldn’t be that big deal if the device shuts down but you would have a severe problem if the Li-Ion battery gets too hot. So watch out when making holidays in hot countries.

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Right from the orbit

30 10 2016

Since two months my new residence is Thailand. So here is Thailand’s capital Bangkok as seen from the ISS.

But wait, it wasn’t me taking the photo with an iPhone 7 Plus. I neither own a 7 Plus nor have I ever been more than 30,000 ft above the surface of our planet. The image credit goes to ESA, the European Space Agency.

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A really hot workplace

25 10 2016

This is my workplace in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

A Microsoft Surface Pro4, a WD Elements 1TB hard disc, an iPhone 6S Plus, a Mophie Powerstation for blackouts, and the most important device, a Hatari fan supporting the Surface Pro4 which alone isn’t able to carry away the thermal output.

Like every technical product the Pro4 has its pros and cons. The energy management isn’t what I would expect from a high-priced device. Optimization (like Apple did it with its macOS on a Macbook Air) isn’t Microsoft’s strength.

Sadly there is another annoying lack. Neither the Type cover nor the onscreen keyboard sports a BREAK key although it’s needed when debugging code. Shame on Microsoft.

Btw, the iPhone even works up to 40º Celsius without the notification “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”.

You might ask “Why don’t you install an air conditioning?”.

Well I have an AC but I don’t use it because the solar panels aren’t delivered yet. I’m quite sure that the Chinese Future Green Technology Co delivers the panels before Microsoft updates its Windows 10 energy management.

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I feel sad

16 10 2016

A role model for all of us.
R.I.P. Your Majesty King Bhumibol.
You were one of the greatest characters of our times.

I hope the country, in which I live since 2 months will find its way even without you.

The iWheel

15 07 2016

Did you ever use an iPhone in a tropical country like Thailand (ประเทศไทย)?

The country is well-known for its excellent spicy food but also a challenge when it comes to touch screens.

Clammy fingers are like brakes when using gestures like drag, flick or pinch.
That’s definitely the most annoying bug in the design of bio-machines like human beings and there is no update available.

So …

The next iPhone should come with the Digital Crown of the Apple Watch for navigating, scrolling, and accessing the multitasking view.


It’s a matter of degrees

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It’s a matter of degrees

14 06 2016

It’s never below zero but often above 40C.

I’m talking about Thailand (ประเทศไทย) the country well-known for its excellent spicy food.

It will be my residence after saying Goodbye to Germany in late August 2016. My wife already moved over to here native country with her iPad Mini and the awesome iPhone SE.

What about stores?

The temperature for our iLoot isn’t the only problem we are faced with. There is an Apple Store website but Apple won’t deliver its high-tech products to a small village (called MOO) some kilometers away from Khon Kaen, the main city in Thailand’s ISAAN region. Furthermore, I can’t pay with my credit card connected to my German bank account.

What about connectivity?

In Thailand we have 10 Mbit/s WiFi at home and a quite stable mobile data connection outside. So it’s no problem to be creative. In most cases it’s not a question of high-speed Internet. You always need more time to write down your thoughts than uploading them to social networks. And moreover my rhythm of live is not controlled by Apple’s processors.

What about battery life?

Devices suffer from higher battery drain in Thailand than in countries with lower average temperature. 
Like humans, batteries function best at room temperature. Warming a dying battery in a mobile phone or flashlight in our jeans might provide additional runtime due to improved electrochemical reaction. This is likely also the reason why manufacturers prefer to specify batteries at a toasty 27°C (80°F). Operating a battery at elevated temperatures improves performance but prolonged exposure will shorten life.
To be on the safe side I use the ‘Techlink Recharge 12000′ powerstation with 12000 mAh. Recharging is fast (1%/min) and may be applied up to 4 times before recharging it or 2 times with 2 devices being charged simultaneously (2.4 A/1.0 A).

The human brake …

Clammy fingers are like brakes when using gestures like drag, flick or pinch.
That’s definitely the most annoying bug in the design of bio-machines and there is no update available neither via cable nor OTA.

Fortunately there is a way to at least use Touch ID with sweaty or oily skin. If you failed using your thumb to unlock your iThing just add this finger in addition to the dry copy of the same fingerprint for future authentications.

Other problems?

Well, I don’t know. Hopefully I won’t get into trouble after inserting my Thai SIM card. I already checked that all my accounts secured with 2-Step Verification have to be modified to provide the right information.

Sadly I don’t have access to the Thai App Store to get some country-specific apps not offered in the German App Store.
We might live in an international world, but if you’ve ever tried to switch from one App Store to another, you’ll have a pretty good idea what it means to keep up with Apple Service-Jet-Setting.

Summary …

Use your AC, stay cool, enjoy the delicious food and fruit, use your GTD app and if something doesn’t go your way ignore it.

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The Thai Apple Store

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Using an iPhone in Thailand

25 11 2012

3G is now widely available in Thailand.

Here are some notes about using an iPhone in a small village about 7 kms away from Khon Kaen in the northeast of the country.

The iPhone-Configuration …
iPhone 4S, 64 GB, 3G-Internet-Connection via provider DTAC, Temperature 86-95 F (30-35 C)

  • Bluetooth OFF
  • iCloud ON
  • Location Services OFF
  • Push-Mail OFF
  • Push-Notifications OFF
  • Brightness 25%
  • Auto-Brightness OFF
  • Manual lock after usage

With this configuration and normal usage of the 3G-Connection (estimated 1h/day) and no calls the remaining battery power was at 40% after 10 hours.

It’s hard to say wether the device has higher battery drain in Thailand than in countries with lower average temperature because there are so many factors affecting it.

As I did not drop my habits using the device in Thailand it seems to me that there is no significant difference.

To be on the safe side I use the ‘Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation mini’ (Mophie 2.500 mAh / iPhone 4S 1450 mAh). Recharging is fast (1%/min) and may be applied 2 times a day if the device is charged to 80%.

The human brake …
Clammy fingers are like brakes when using gestures like drag, flick or pinch.

Wouldn’t this be a good idea for a new accessory available in Apple’s Store …
The Fingertip-Cooler?
How it should work …
Use Wireless-Fingertip-Connection to connect to your finger, go to SETTINGS and adjust the temperature or use the ‘Auto-Temperature’ feature.

The speed …

A suitable offer …

DTAC Internet and Voice package

Converted rate for an unlimited access per month with speed limitation to 64 KBit/s after 1 GB data transfer …
427 Baht = 13.90 $ (10.79 €)
If the limit is reached you will get an SMS. It contains the dial-up *104*50# with which you can activate the ‘3G BOOSTER’ for 150 Baht (4.88 $/3.76 €) with 1 additional GB for 1 month.


How to get a SIM-Card …

Nearly all shopping malls (Tesco Lotus, Big C, MBK, …) offer Prepaid SIM-Cards. An alternative is to buy it directly at the Suvarnabhumi-Airport on arrival. There is a DTAC-Office at Arrival-Floor.
Register on the DTAC-Website for controlling your balance from outside the country.
The validity of prepaid SIM-Cards is limited. Every time you refill your account the validity is extended (150 Baht (4,88 $/3.79€) – 1 month). If you often visit the country and want to keep your number you may extend the validity up to 360 days for just 2 Baht/30 days.
You can do this by E-Mail short before your card expires. As an alternative dial *113*days# with days = 30, 60, …, 360.

Staying in the country you can refill your account at all shopping malls, 7 Eleven and in many small kiosks. After successful refilling you will get an SMS which contains the remaining call-credit and the expiration date.

Here are some useful dial-ups …

*102*9# your mobile number will be displayed
*101*9# view remaining credit balance and validity date
*101*4*9# view remaining internet credit balance and used data transfer volume
*104*50# order 3G Booster, which gives you extra 1 GB data transfer volume with 3G speed for 30 days

Have a nice trip and enjoy the delicious food and fruit.

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