Photo Stream is Apple's cloud-based photo sharing service that allows easy sharing of photos between devices regardless of their operating system. The photos can be viewed on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch an Apple TV as well as on Macs and Windows-based PCs. The feature was added to iOS 5 received some new features in … Continue reading Photostream

iCloud, a paradigm shift

Data has never really been where you thought it was. It was sprinkled across the blocks of a spinning disk and managed by a file allocation table which could retrieve it instantly as if it was all in one place. But it never was, like data traveling across the internet doesn't always use the same … Continue reading iCloud, a paradigm shift

Syncing Bookmarks

You can sync Safari Bookmarks on iOS devices with Safari bookmarks on a Windows PC. This is pretty cool (to say it with the most frequently used words of Tim Cook) if you started reading on a website in the office and want to continue reading on a mobile device. Requirements ... An installation of … Continue reading Syncing Bookmarks