DIY Update

You might know that the 1st-gen Apple Watch doesn’t get Updates any longer. As a proud owner of this dino I’m quite disappointed that my timekeeper ran out of support after just 3 years whereas my 6s Plus, also born in 2015, still is in Apple’s maintenance cycle. To be honest, it’s not a problem … Continue reading DIY Update

Apple iThings on MeWe

The consumer version of Google+ will be discontinued in 2019. All communities, collections, posts, and profiles will be deleted by Google. So let me invite you to my new group Apple iThings on the MeWe network, the first choice for Google+ refugees. Looking forward to meet you on MeWe. Thanks in advance.

OK Google+

I use your mobile app for iOS since years on my iPhone and wrote many Feedbacks and Reviews but you didn't give me what I need as a moderator in a big, a very big community. So I'm back again with an updated view on the issues hampering to do a great job. We mods … Continue reading OK Google+