Apple iThings on MeWe

31 10 2018

The consumer version of Google+ will be discontinued in 2019. All communities, collections, posts, and profiles will be deleted by Google.

So let me invite you to my new group

Apple iThings

on the MeWe network, the first choice for Google+ refugees.

Looking forward to meet you on MeWe.

Thanks in advance.

OK Google+

16 07 2017

I use your mobile app for iOS since years on my iPhone and wrote many Feedbacks and Reviews but you didn’t give me what I need as a moderator in a big, a very big community.

So I’m back again with an updated view on the issues hampering to do a great job. We mods do the work in our leisure time. We are not on your payroll although we are working hard for your image.

You don’t want us to mutate into John Doe or A.N. Onymus for our beloved ones, don’t you?

So my request is to support us by adding reasonable features which let us extend our leisure time.

Your members add value, your moderators do it also so now it’s your turn to massively improve your app. I’m waiting for some of my mentioned flaws since years.

To be fair, you gave us some useful features in the 2017 updates but it’s still annoying to not have all features in the app which are available in a browser.

Feel free to download my concept map as a PDF from my BOX account

I’m a mod and I feel sad

Thanks for 💧ping by.


30 10 2016

These young boys can be called Fanboys, right?

Sadly there are other very special people leaving their distinctive traces (aka Fanboy DNA) in social networks most often trying to incite one more of these useless platform wars.

More about …


Thanks for reading.