iOS internal Outsourcing Service

for the the quality management of Apple With the release of iOS 11, Apple developers made too many assumptions, breaking the fragile security/convenience balance and shifting it heavily onto convenience side. Once an intruder gains access to the user’s iPhone and knows (or recovers) the passcode, there is no single extra layer of protection left. … Continue reading iOS internal Outsourcing Service

Differential Privacy

iOS keeps you a Mr or Mrs A.N. Onymous. Apple started collecting browsing data in Safari using its differential privacy technology. Oops? Hey Tim, you told us multiple times that keeping our privacy is key for Apple. We all thought that Apple is pitching itself as the lone defender of user privacy in a sea … Continue reading Differential Privacy

Encryption in Transit and At Rest

There is an app for that. It's Boxcryptor by the German Secomba GmbH and it's easy to use with a perfect design. Nothing is saved on Secomba's servers without being encrypted by the user's password, a zero-knowledge relationship between the user and the company behind Boxcryptor. Here's a short guide for backup freaks enabling them to … Continue reading Encryption in Transit and At Rest