PDF the Web

With one command entered in the address bar of SAFARI you can seamlessly convert a website into a PDF document. No third-party app is needed. Added to the Bookmarks Bar of your browser the creation of a PDF is permanently available. With the commands 'Print' and 'Open In' the websites content can be easily transferred … Continue reading PDF the Web

Syncing Bookmarks

You can sync Safari Bookmarks on iOS devices with Safari bookmarks on a Windows PC. This is pretty cool (to say it with the most frequently used words of Tim Cook) if you started reading on a website in the office and want to continue reading on a mobile device. Requirements ... An installation of … Continue reading Syncing Bookmarks


If you use the password keeper app 1Password you can immediately open this app from within Safari by entering a command in the address field of Safari. To improve the usability of entering the command first define a shortcut. A shortcut on iOS devices are some letters or numbers which expand into a word or … Continue reading Safari+Shortcut+1Password