Reader View

Are you tired of getting distracted by ad on small screens? Me too. Use the Reader View in Safari to focus on the things which matter. I love these tiny features showing that developers put some thoughts into their work. Thanks for surfing by.

PDF the Web

With one command entered in the address bar of SAFARI you can seamlessly convert a website into a PDF document. No third-party app is needed. Added to the Bookmarks Bar of your browser the creation of a PDF is permanently available. With the commands 'Print' and 'Open In' the websites content can be easily transferred … Continue reading PDF the Web

Syncing Bookmarks

You can sync Safari Bookmarks on iOS devices with Safari bookmarks on a Windows PC. This is pretty cool (to say it with the most frequently used words of Tim Cook) if you started reading on a website in the office and want to continue reading on a mobile device. Requirements ... An installation of … Continue reading Syncing Bookmarks