PAGES and envelopes

In the latest version of Apple's iWork suite (Dec 7, 2012, Ver 1.7.1) objects can be locked. Locking means that objects (tables, shapes, images, ...) and their positions cannot be changed until they are unlocked again. It's a powerful feature for avoiding unwanted displacements of objects particularly for small displays and 'bulky' fingers. Here is … Continue reading PAGES and envelopes

Update 1.7 of iWork for iOS

On 2012-12-04 Apple's iWork-Suite was updated to version 1.7. This update is a major improvement of iWork for iOS without destroying the simplicity of usage. The updated features are perfectly designed and retain the simplicity of the product. From my point of view that's an intellectual stimulus for all people developing software. We will see … Continue reading Update 1.7 of iWork for iOS

Page layouts in iWork

Before you print a Microsoft Office document you can quickly fine-tune it in the Page Layout view to achieve professional-looking results. As in Normal view, you can change the layout and format of data, but in addition, you can use the rulers to measure the width and height of the data, change the page orientation, … Continue reading Page layouts in iWork