Prayer Mill

A mantra-like stream of iPhone rumors hits us every year. It already starts in January, 8 months before we see a more or less boring Keynote entertained, sorry managed, by TC. The real news on these Keynotes isn’t the new iPhone but the exact adoption rate of iOS compared to Android with at least one … Continue reading Prayer Mill


can be really painful and distracting. In 2003, Research In Motion (RIM) was the first company to successfully commercialize push notification in an end-user product. Their flagship phone, the BlackBerry, was the first smartphone with the ability to immediately notify users when they received a new email. In 2008, after soaring interest in the developer community, Apple … Continue reading Notifications

Stunning Stump

I bought this stand some years ago in the Apple Store as an accessory for my iPad and iPhone. As you can see it's still in use and believe me it's completely within Apple's business and design philosophy.It's• safe• simple• of high durability• less customizable • a piece that just works• nearly without carbon footprint• … Continue reading Stunning Stump