Less Is More

but not in all cases. This is a minimalist workplace I use sometimes to access my Surface Pro 4. The screen shows the USysRibbon table (for ribbon customization) in a Microsoft Access database opened on a Surface Pro 4 and viewed on a Lumia 550 via the TeamViewer Remote Control app. If you exactly know … Continue reading Less Is More

Hey Apple, what’s your take on Microsoft’s new Surface Pro?

A mobile device with the power of a computer? You don't have it. Have you ever asked yourself why iPad sales continuously decline? For normal people a big-sized smartphone does it all. There's no need for a tablet which runs the same OS like the smartphone does. Decades ago - and supported by lots of … Continue reading Hey Apple, what’s your take on Microsoft’s new Surface Pro?

Let’s get ready to rumble

Another BIG deal from Microsoft and it also can open the door for a successful mobile phone marketing with low-budget devices. A rebirth of the Lumia series with a Chinese OS version would get Apple more and more into dire straits on the world's biggest market. Forget iPads and Macs in China when the Government … Continue reading Let’s get ready to rumble