Microsoft (not Apple) and the VW Group

The German VW Group is the largest car manufacturer in the world and so it makes the deal with the strongest IT partner in the world. • Volkswagen and Microsoft will deeply collaborate to accelerate Volkswagen’s digital transformation • Volkswagen choses Microsoft Azure platform as the foundation for Automotive Cloud and connected car services for … Continue reading Microsoft (not Apple) and the VW Group

Continue on PC

The majority of computer users is into Microsoft’s Windows as their preferred desktop operating system because of many good reasons. But when it comes to smartphones Microsoft tried it but failed miserably. Devices running Android and iOS dominate with a market share of 99%. If you don’t have a significant share in the mobile market … Continue reading Continue on PC

The slow infiltration

Developing high-quality apps for the Android and iOS platform Microsoft is no upstart in the mobile space. It produced versions of its software for mobile devices for more than 20 years - starting with Windows CE for personal digital assistants in 1996, and later with Windows Mobile in 2000. But the ecosystem has struggled since … Continue reading The slow infiltration