Page layouts in iWork

Before you print a Microsoft Office document you can quickly fine-tune it in the Page Layout view to achieve professional-looking results. As in Normal view, you can change the layout and format of data, but in addition, you can use the rulers to measure the width and height of the data, change the page orientation, … Continue reading Page layouts in iWork

Changing the layer of images

In Apple's KEYNOTE (part of the iWork-Suite) text and images are allocated in layers. There is an easy way to change the layer of overlapping text and images. You only have to use cut and paste in reverse order to permute the layers. Here is an image which explains the procedure shortly.

Collages with Apple’s Keynote

Pictures are often more than words. So if you have to explain a process use collages. Apple's App KEYNOTE (part of the iWork-Suite) is a powerful tool to do the thing on an iPad. All you need is KEYNOTE, PHOTOS and possibly SAFARI of your iOS-Device. Let me give you a brief overview how to … Continue reading Collages with Apple’s Keynote