Non-Linear Presentation

Presentations are usually created with Apple's Keynote or Microsoft's Powerpoint as a linear flow of single slides. But every slide has a topic and so the idea is to present information by using a mind mapping tool. There is a high rated app called Final Argument and it's described on Concise Learning Blog (Prof. Toni … Continue reading Non-Linear Presentation

Presenting with iPad (1)

With an Apple TV you can use Apple's AirDisplay feature to display the screen of any iOS device on a TV. If you don't need all the further functionalities of Apple TV there is a low cost alternative for e.g. displaying Keynote presentations on a TV or on a wall with the help of a … Continue reading Presenting with iPad (1)

Update 1.7 of iWork for iOS

On 2012-12-04 Apple's iWork-Suite was updated to version 1.7. This update is a major improvement of iWork for iOS without destroying the simplicity of usage. The updated features are perfectly designed and retain the simplicity of the product. From my point of view that's an intellectual stimulus for all people developing software. We will see … Continue reading Update 1.7 of iWork for iOS