iWork and iThoughts

iWork is Apple's offer to create spreadsheets (with Numbers), presentations (with Keynote), and write letters (with Pages). The components of iWork are specially developed for iOS devices, easy to use and nevertheless powerful. I see lacks in the missing connection to cloud services without WebDAV support and to network attached storages. If you ever used … Continue reading iWork and iThoughts

Mind Mapping (3)

iThoughtsHD was first released in 2010 together with the initial release of iPad. The developer, Craig Scott (UK), focussed on a clean user interface with appropriate functionalities for mind mapping and support for many well-known file formats. Craig talked about 'Touchy-Feely Mind Mapping' on Biggerplate Unplugged, London this year (a conference initiated by Liam Hughes, … Continue reading Mind Mapping (3)

Mind Mapping (2)

In Mind Mapping Part (1) I presented some general information about Mind Mapping and the app iThoughtsHD with some impressive features. This article will show you some applications of mind mapping. You find a complete list of mind maps created by myself on Biggerplate (UK) The Mind Map Library: My Mind Maps Note Biggerplate.com, UK … Continue reading Mind Mapping (2)