5G isn’t available yet

but hey Apple, I use your smart phones for more than 5 years. So I‘m not amused if you’re late to the party again with implementing a new technology. If I would invest in a 2019 iPhone I‘ll keep it until at least 2025. Without 5G? Admittedly we all don’t know what we have to … Continue reading 5G isn’t available yet

An expensive ride

for me to the Apple Store Cologne today. My son got a gift from heaven. His father bought a 64GB XS with an Otter Box and a screen protector for him just to see wether Apple Pay on his own dino - a 6s Plus - works or not. Jokes apart, Apple Pay worked of … Continue reading An expensive ride

The Uselessness of Industrial Design

They look awesome before you purchase them. As always Sir Jonathan and the IDg did a great job. But then you order a case because you’re concerned about the health of this masterpiece. Shortly after an exciting unboxing the design of your $1,000+ iThing is reduced to that of its case. My iPhone 4s wore … Continue reading The Uselessness of Industrial Design