Shortly before selling your iThing?

Don’t feel sad about your old love. With every iteration Apple will give you lots of added values which make the divorce bearable. Even if you switch to a device running Android (because you can’t afford any of the “Designed by Apple in California” - products) you’ll get a powerful and smart phone which lets … Continue reading Shortly before selling your iThing?

Bugs bug lots of users

Apple, where’s your quality management? Here is what you can do yourself to fix a problem with an iOS device. Try it out in that order. Restart HT201559 Restore PH12251 Recovery HT201263 If you can’t fix the problem with these procedures please contact the Apple Support, an Apple Store, or an authorized repair center. Note, … Continue reading Bugs bug lots of users

The slow infiltration

Developing high-quality apps for the Android and iOS platform Microsoft is no upstart in the mobile space. It produced versions of its software for mobile devices for more than 20 years - starting with Windows CE for personal digital assistants in 1996, and later with Windows Mobile in 2000. But the ecosystem has struggled since … Continue reading The slow infiltration