The pros

An interesting review about the fastest mobile device after the legendary Porsche 911 from the guys of 🎩/t Slashgear. Both, the 911 and the new 2018 iPad Pros, are not only design but also technology tidbits. Sadly they’re also premium, I mean not the cheapest of their class. But they’re very durable and you’ll have … Continue reading The pros

Emergency Aid

Your beloved iThing doesn’t work as promised. In case of this life-threatening disaster do not follow Albert Einstein’s saying “The only real valuable thing is intuition”. Instead read this DIY post. Try it out in that order. Before you start make a backup via Settings - [your name] iCloud - iCloud Backup - Backup now … Continue reading Emergency Aid

Discount Spreadsheet

You find lots of sophisticated and powerful apps in Apple’s App Store. Some of them are shining examples for simplicity and plain design and follow the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid). One of them is Discount Spreadsheet by Luminant Software, Inc. It got an updated UI and a long awaited new keyboard in July … Continue reading Discount Spreadsheet