iOS 12 User Guide

OMG, 1029 pages on a 6s Plus. Worth reading? Well, it depends. When you buy an Apple product, one of the things it doesn’t come with in the box is a full user manual. To get a full manual, you have to go to Apple’s support website or look for its iPhone user guide on … Continue reading iOS 12 User Guide

iOS 12 Device Compatibility

Power to the old flames? (Hopefully) iOS 12 is a powerful iteration of Apple’s operating system for iDevices focusing on stability, performance improvements (imo it doesn’t really speeds up my 6s Plus), and bug fixing. The oldest model on which iOS 12 can be installed is the world’s first 64-Bit smartphone, the iPhone 5s (7th … Continue reading iOS 12 Device Compatibility

First impressions with iOS 12

I installed Apple's updated OS on my iPhone 6s Plus. • I can’t feel that big performance improvement and it’s why most of my apps first collect some necessary data via the Internet connection before they are ready to be used. So I’m not interested in benchmark figures. They don’t reflect what I’m doing with … Continue reading First impressions with iOS 12