First impressions with iOS 12

I installed Apple's updated OS on my iPhone 6s Plus. • I can’t feel that big performance improvement and it’s why most of my apps first collect some necessary data via the Internet connection before they are ready to be used. So I’m not interested in benchmark figures. They don’t reflect what I’m doing with … Continue reading First impressions with iOS 12

The Agony of Choice 2018

Apple revamped its lineup of iPhones on September 12, 2018. The devices are really great but I recognized some shortcomings. Discontinued iPhone SE No iPhone below €500 Pointless memory size for the 7/7 Plus with 32GB and the much appreciated 64GB discontinued No second biometric authentication system Ridiculous 5W Charger even for the €1,649 device … Continue reading The Agony of Choice 2018

Emergency Aid

Your beloved iThing doesn’t work as promised. In case of this life-threatening disaster do not follow Albert Einstein’s saying “The only real valuable thing is intuition”. Instead read this DIY post. Try it out in that order. Before you start make a backup via Settings - [your name] iCloud - iCloud Backup - Backup now … Continue reading Emergency Aid