Creating a Public Photo Website

10 03 2017

in a jiffy.

Here are the steps to quickly create a public photo website from within your Photos app. People with the link mustn’t have an Apple ID or an Apple device but I’m sure these poor people will take an iPhone into consideration after gaining this experience.

  • Open the app ‘Photos’ and select images.
  • Tap on the action menu bottom left and choose ‘iCloud Photo Sharing’.
  • Choose ‘New Shared Album’.
  • Enter an exciting name for your selection.

In my example it could be the visualization of a Steve Jobs’ quote

“People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

or the wise saying

“At the right moment you have to do what nobody expects.”

  • In the app ‘Photos’ tap on ‘Shared’, tap on the newly created album and then on ‘People’ (bottom right). Activate ‘Public Website’ and you’ll get the link to the mobile-friendly website.

Nice feature, isn’t it?

About the image …

Satya Nadella

Oh, an innovative new monkey dance? That’s definitely a patent infringement. Ballmer should file a lawsuit.

Tim Cook

He found the next Big Thing, a flexible human being.

Steve Jobs

Rot! I’m just acting up.

Here is another nice feature of iOS you might be interested in …

Reply with annotated PDF

Off topic, but still a highlight …
Ballmer’s Monkey Boy Dance
Loving a company isn’t that bad for a CEO.
Doing the right things also!

Ballmer’s Monkey Boy Dance

Enjoy life.
Delight your friends.
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UI Design Do’s and Don’ts

5 03 2017

My example for one of the Don’ts …

Apple should add a further topic to its “Do’s and Don’ts” for external developers and their own application development.

Users like reasonable features.
So please, no ad in the 3D Touch context menu.

This no-go can only be topped with ad as the only feature when pressing firmly on an app icon. Sorry, that’s crap.

For Apple, Google, and Microsoft it’s somewhat embarrassing to see the need of ad for their apps within the context menu.


Apple Design Tips

Thanks for reading.

iOS 10 Flaws

15 01 2017

Steve Jobs agreed to Alan Kay’s saying “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”.

Now it’s time to swear developers to quality.

Every year users run into new features causing a new set of problems, which in some cases we were already faced with in earlier versions.

All that glitters is not gold.

Here are just a few examples which verify that this saying is also valid for iOS. There are 18k different Android based devices (which is a nightmare for OS developers) but only a few iOS devices. So there is no good reason for severe issues on Appple’s mobile devices after seeding lots of betas.

Let me start with the most annoying bug (for me) because I live in Thailand, a country where you usually won’t see street names or house numbers.

01 Wrong positioning in MAPS after using MARKED LOCATION for the creation of a new contact

02 Unresponsive ASSISTIVE TOUCH control

03 Erratic switching from portrait into landscape mode (on iPhone 6S Plus)

04 Already updated apps are often shown as UPDATES a second time although the newer version was already installed

05 Search in APP STORE app doesn’t show the app even when its name was entered

06 Poor CLIPBOARD which still supports just one entry

07 More and more iOS APPLICATIONS which cannot be used worldwide or which are not adapted to different countries (Apple Pay, News, Siri, Health, etc)

08 Too often asking for the Apple ID PASSWORD even if 2-Step Verification is enabled

09 Just showing the last 2 digits of phone numbers in the verification dialogue of 2-STEP VERIFICATION can be annoying 

10 Users are still stay in the dark about features supporting 3D TOUCH even in Apple’s built-in applications. Sometimes it works sometimes not and Apple should forbid ad in 3D Touch menus.

11 WiFi and Bluetooth switches are in the CONTROL CENTER but a switch for CELLULAR DATA is still missing

12 SETTINGS/CONTROL CENTER not configurable

13 FLASHLIGHT cannot be switched on/off without waking up the iPhone and opening Control Center

14 Restoring data for a specific app from an iCLOUD BACKUP not possible

15 Many suggestions in the actions menu for using apps via the “OPEN IN” command are nonsense

16 Focusing on iMESSAGES isn’t the right priority because 80% of the world’s smartphone users are on Android-based devices

17 Adding another 100 EMOJIS is ridiculous

18 A too strong focus on SIRI is not welcome. Do you like to sit in a bus or restaurant and bear 50 people talking to their smartphones?

19 AI includes successful understanding of human SPEECH. This is only the case for simple sentences (and a fast online connection). Believe me, we won’t see smartphones as reliable translators in the near future.

20 For me it’s ridiculous to ask Siri wether there is enough milk left in my refrigerator. HOME KIT is a feature that Apple wants us to go for. 

21 PHOTOS cannot be set in an individual sort order; inconsistency in deleting a photo regarding Shared folders and Albums; photos cannot be solely saved in albums (that means they should be deleted/hidden in All Photos)

22 Notes can be password protected but this security feature is not available for PHOTOS (e.g. of a credit card)

23 iCLOUD DRIVE cannot be fully managed by the same-named app

24 MULTITASKING is still embryonic; tasks initiated by an app are immediately stopped after switching to an other app

25 SANDBOX mode increases the security and stability of a system but in case of Apple’s implementation it’s also responsible for a giant redundancy when using one file in many apps

26 REMINDERS with the Option “Repeat” are only sent once to an Apple Watch

27-99 aren’t big affairs.

… and yes, I also have battery issues.

Last but not least

In my humble opinion Apple shouldn’t be so proud about more than 2m available apps in the App Store. There are far too many apps which might fulfill Apple’s guidelines but are of horrible quality even if users have to pay for them. In addition to this their guidelines should be revised in that developers should be bound to a more standardized UI.

This is a really big challenge for Apple’s quality control department. It’s an inevitable step to stop the uncontrolled growth. Apple is the world’s #1 in making profits so it should be a good move to extend the software quality control massively.

What did Steve Jobs tell us?

You‘ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.

My device was checked by the Apple Support and all the aforementioned points are not device-specific.

More …

Quality Management

Problems and Fixes (hopefully)

Thanks for reading.

iOS Feedback

19 12 2016

Dear iOS developers.

Why don’t we have this landscape mode on other iPhones than the Plus series?

The form factor of the smaller sibling is not too small. I tried it out on a handcrafted dummy with the exact size of an iPhone 7 and a fixated true to scale screenshot of the 7 Plus.

So what are your arguments to not enable this feature?

Thanks in advance.

More and more things go wrong

17 12 2016

There’s something going wrong with the quality management for iOS and watchOS.
Some years ago users weren’t faced with so many bugs in iOS. An update like watchOS 3.1.1 bricking devices which can only be repaired by an Apple Store? Inconceivable.


if you want to be a damn sight better than your competitors, it’s time for improvements and possibly bring the work of some responsible people into question.
Quality Management means to get your enemies on board. Their single target always must be to let your developments crash.

Just do it.

The highest prices in the mobile market and a buggy OS do not fit together.


16 11 2016

Inextricably linked with apps are small animals which most aggressive life forms are well-known from tropical areas and called BUGS.

Today we have them also massively in temperate zones and they are distributed for free by Apple, Google, medium-sized companies, and individual enterprises via Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.
More about mobile apps …

About Apps

Although bugs don’t like chemicals, do not use them inside or outside your iThing. I’m sure it won’t be a case for Apple Care.

Thanks for dropping by.

Siri and Watson

26 10 2016

Q4 results of Apple may be disappointing for some people but innovation takes time. They are in a transition phase from selling hardware to making profits with services. 

The APPLE-IBM partnership will boost businesses and AI on mobile devices.

IBM extends Watson

Thanks (Dr.) Watson.

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