The Hidden Price

All the cool convenience of our smartphones, tablets, computers, and Internet-based services come with a hidden price - POWER. And there is more ... critical materials, missing application of recycling technologies in many countries, and missing law enforcement or code of conducts regarding fair labor. Beside Apple's ecosystem there is a much greater and more … Continue reading The Hidden Price

Understanding the WEB

For many people it's a daily task to use the internet for business or private purposes, for improving knowledge, access bank accounts, sharing information on the big social networks, or just surfing for fun. Since the mid-1990s the internet has a tremendous impact on culture, commerce, science, and the way how people communicate (E-Mail, Social … Continue reading Understanding the WEB

PDF the Web

With one command entered in the address bar of SAFARI you can seamlessly convert a website into a PDF document. No third-party app is needed. Added to the Bookmarks Bar of your browser the creation of a PDF is permanently available. With the commands 'Print' and 'Open In' the websites content can be easily transferred … Continue reading PDF the Web