Work out low-fat gestures

Touch screens are not lipophobic. Here are workarounds to reduce fatty deposits. So jump-start your postgraduate training by learning these gestures. Working on iPhone ... Working on iPhone and iPad ... Note Avoid abrupt drops of websites so that they are not ripped into pieces. The angle between the planets surface and iPhone's vertical border … Continue reading Work out low-fat gestures

iWork and iCloud

iCloud is a powerful feature provided by Apple for syncing, backing up and managing documents on Apple-Devices. If you use more than one iOS-Device you cannot believe how much benefits you will have when iCloud is turned on. It's the highest integrated service for Internet capable devices ever provided by a company. Configure your device … Continue reading iWork and iCloud

Killing a digit

Apple's calculator for the iPhone supports a gesture to delete the last digit of a number. Have you been aware of this feature? If not, why not? It's in the line of Apple's iOS Human Interface. The gesture is well-known in Mail but not implemented in Calendar. Don't ask me why. Google it for your … Continue reading Killing a digit