Poll: Disadvantages of iOS

The investigation of whether an iPad can replace a computer leads to a wide variety of results. Pros and cons are discussed in many forums. People try to find many arguments for a peaceful 'iPad/Computer' coexistence and others deny the computer's chances of survival. I don't really understand the discussion. Was there ever a discussion … Continue reading Poll: Disadvantages of iOS

Fighting against the partition law

The strong benefit of a database is the synopsis of otherwise widely spread informations. Apple's App Store offers a lot of apps suitable for productive operations but all the informations saved by theses apps are cut into pieces saved in app-specific folders. That's a consequence of the iOS-Filesystem. See my blog Every app is an … Continue reading Fighting against the partition law

From USB to camera roll

To compare some settings on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with those of an iOS-Device, my son made some screenshots of his Android-Device and gave it to me on a USB-Stick. To use the photos in a blog, I had to copy them to my iOS-Device. My home configuration ... The right app ... There are … Continue reading From USB to camera roll