Air Mail by Apple

Printing documents seems to be old-fashioned in the modern era of digital communication. But there are some cases where an occasional print out of documents is necessary. I use it for example when I have to look on two or more documents to compare the contents which is pretty uncomfortable on an iPad because of … Continue reading Air Mail by Apple

Text Recognition (2)

Part 1 of 'Text Recognition' outlined the theory of optical character recognition and pointed to applications for Windows PCs. Now it's time to look upon apps for the iPad and iPhone. Some indispensable features ... Within an OCR capable app I expect Zoom functionality LED flash On/Off Multi-Page processing Availability of 'Open in another app' … Continue reading Text Recognition (2)

Text Recognition (1)

Did you ever need the content of a printed document but couldn't find the associated file? Copy word for word into a new document is a suitable task only for short notes. Did you ever see a text far away from your device you would like to quote? As you read these words on iNotes4You, … Continue reading Text Recognition (1)