To work on Microsoft Office files (Excel, Word, Powerpoint) you can either use an app like DocsToGo, a subscription of Office 365 (connected with Microsoft's cloud service SkyDrive) or a free app called CloudOn by CloudOn Inc., first released in October 2011. CloudOn can be connected not only to SkyDrive but also to your Box, … Continue reading CloudOn

Go Paperless

Stats say that every human living in an industrial nation uses about 20,000 kg paper in his life. About paper ... Paper may be impregnated, enamelled, metallised, made to look like parchment, creped, water-proofed, waxed, glazed, sensitized, bent, turned, folded, twisted, crumpled, cut, torn, dissolved, macerated, moulded, and embossed. It may be coloured, coated, printed … Continue reading Go Paperless

Three In One

Three-In-One Concepts is an educational corporation based in Thousand Oaks, California with the purpose of assisting individuals who are interested and willing in taking responsibility for creating their wellbeing personally and professionally through the integration of Body, Mind and Spirit. Developed by Gordon Stokes, Daniel Whiteside und Candace Callaway in the 80s, it's a worldwide … Continue reading Three In One