Vilfredo Pareto and iOS 12

The Pareto Principle A guideline for iOS 12 development Thumbs down for feature proliferation The Pareto principle, also known as the 80-20 Rule states that roughly only 20% of the causes affect 80% of the effects. Applied to iOS it would mean that just 20% of the bugs cause 80% of all errors. That’s at … Continue reading Vilfredo Pareto and iOS 12

Consolidation Therapy

After 10 years, Apple is totally changing the way it makes iPhone software. Really? Well, I’m in doubt about the success of this agenda. Today’s bugs are intelligent and powerful creatures and most often find a way to survive. We only need time? Let’s see what shareholders think about it. More ... A new software … Continue reading Consolidation Therapy

About apps

'App' is the modern term for application which means a set of instructions to let your device solve life's dilemmas one app at a time. Inextricably linked with apps are small animals which most aggressive life forms are well-known from tropical areas and called bugs. Today we have them also massively in the temperate zones … Continue reading About apps