zBase vs Tap Forms

FileMaker discontinues it's product Bento as reported by Macworld in late July 2013 because of focussing on their main products. If I'm right withdrawing an app by a big company is a unique event in the App Store's history and pretty bad news for users of Bento 4 on mobile devices. On my point of … Continue reading zBase vs Tap Forms

DBMS on iOS-Devices (5)

There are three apps for managing databases I focussed on in this and my previous articles. Tap Forms HD (Tap Zapp Software Inc, Canada) Bento (FileMaker Inc, USA) Microsoft Access Mobile Database Client (Impathic LLc, USA). This article is about the features of Bento and contains a final assessment of all three products. The developers … Continue reading DBMS on iOS-Devices (5)

DBMS on iOS-Devices (4)

Microsoft Access is the worldwide most powerful system for developing database applications with forms, reports, queries and VBA modules. An acceptable performance is ensured for databases up to 2 GB and a number of records up to 100,000 per table when using a state-of-the-art PC. Microsoft Access 2010 Specifications I myself develop databases in a … Continue reading DBMS on iOS-Devices (4)