Aeronautical beacons are well-known but the only relation to my topic is that the communication between Apple's iBeacons and mobile devices also works over the air, not in the visible frequency spectrum of electromagnetic waves but in the invisible near frequency spectrum. About waves ... Your iOS devices are nothing without waves. Waves are the … Continue reading iBeacon

Air Display by Avatron

AirDisplay by Avatron Software Inc., USA, transfers the screen content of a Mac or a Windows PC to the iPad or the iPhone if computer and iOS device are within the same WiFi network. Either it's used as an extension to the computer's screen showing windows which are dragged into an invisible area on the … Continue reading Air Display by Avatron

Speed Test

Nature with it's electromagnetic waves traveling with the speed of light helps us to retrieve information from the internet pretty fast even if the way data is taking is by far not the shortest possible. Using a link from within an app a website opens after about 3 sec including the opening of Safari browser. … Continue reading Speed Test