Cloud Conditions Today

Oh Albert, you're always right."Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."One side of the coin is the price for cloud storages of well-known providers.Provider . Plan . USD/y . USD for 100 GB/yDropbox 1000 GB 99.99 / 9.99Google Drive 100 GB 21.99 / 21.99Mega 200 GB 59.88 … Continue reading Cloud Conditions Today

Fly WebDAV Airlines

Let your data fly with WebDAV Airlines from your iOS device to a cloud storage of your choice. 1 Tap on 'Send a copy' and select a document and the file format. 2 Choose 'WebDAV'. 3 Sign in. 4 Choose a folder to save the document. Tap on '+' and select 'Copy from WebDAV' to … Continue reading Fly WebDAV Airlines

About Encryption

Would you like to be able to use QR-Codes in order to let people quickly get some sensitive information, but also want to be able to restrict the number of people with access to the data? And what about iWork documents containing personal data? Is there a way to securely manage them? If you use … Continue reading About Encryption