A simple life

is the best way to be and to stay happy. This is my Thai-style breakfast. Very tasty. As always I took the shot with my dino, a very smart phone designed by Apple in California and born as a 6s Plus at Foxconn in China. Have a nice weekend. Thanks for dropping by.

A Vegetarian

Gorging like there’s no tomorrow. A big fat green caterpillar in our garden in Khon Kaen, Thailand. And it’s not alone. They are getting thicker and thicker in a jiffy. You can see that being a vegetarian mustn’t necessarily be healthy. Shot taken with my aged but still going strong iPhone 6s Plus born 2015 … Continue reading A Vegetarian

Coconuts and Smartphones

I took this shot with my iPhone 6s Plus. It shows coconuts in our garden in Khon Kaen, Thailand. Good to have it, mustn’t buy it. Coconuts are known for their versatility of uses (in the Malay language, it is pokok seribu guna, "the tree of a thousand uses"), ranging from food to cosmetics. I … Continue reading Coconuts and Smartphones