It’s not only the price

28 07 2018

My 3 year old iPhone 6s Plus does make beautiful shots. Here’s an example, a banana tree in my wife’s garden.

We’re at the point where you can buy a premium smartphone for as low as US$530 and still get a similar high-end experience as you would on a US$1,000 smartphone, and the option to go the less expensive route is more alluring than ever.

Btw, the camera isn’t the essential point in photography. It’s the sense of the photographer and the imagination people have when looking at images showing thrilling moments.

Does the iPhone X make better shots than a much cheaper device?

$1,000 vs $530

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23 05 2018

A shot taken with my iPhone 6s Plus showing ชะอม in our garden.

Senegalia pennata (English: Climbing wattle) is a species of legume which is native to South and Southeast Asia. It is a shrub or small tropical tree which grows up to 5 metres in height.

In Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and Thailand, the feathery shoots of Senegalia pennata are used in soups, curries, omelettes (see my example embedded in the image) and stir-fries. The edible shoots are picked up before they become tough and thorny.

My wife starts cutting the shoots before sunrise. Believe me it’s hard work. To fill the basket it needs about 2 hours.

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Thanks to my wife หนูพัศ.


9 05 2018

iPhone 6s Plus camera and flashlight

I took this shot of a wooden mask from Hongkong in an absolutely dark room using the iPhone’s flashlight. Less reflections. Unbelievable for a 2 year old device.

I don’t really think that the image quality of a 7, 8, or X would be significantly higher.

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