Point.io offers an enterprise Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform (launched on July 16, 2013) and Enterprise Gateway products for specialized enterprise mobile application development. Focused on document management and workflow, the platform is designed to help enterprises embrace BYOD while maintaining control of their content. Bring your own device (BYOD) means the policy of permitting employees to … Continue reading Point.io

iPhone Configuration Utility

iPhone and iPad are often seen as gadgets. The reality is also that many companies successfully integrate mobile devices in the company's IT infrastructure to improve business processes. Apple offers some tools which help companies to manage their mobile devices. Theses tools are mainly for configuration purposes and take into account that mobile devices for … Continue reading iPhone Configuration Utility

DBMS on iOS-Devices (5)

There are three apps for managing databases I focussed on in this and my previous articles. Tap Forms HD (Tap Zapp Software Inc, Canada) Bento (FileMaker Inc, USA) Microsoft Access Mobile Database Client (Impathic LLc, USA). This article is about the features of Bento and contains a final assessment of all three products. The developers … Continue reading DBMS on iOS-Devices (5)