iOS Device Backup

iOS devices, particularly the iPad, are more often used for working on documents with Apple's iWork suite, storing relevant information in databases, using mind mapping tools for brainstorming, etc. So the data stored by apps should be backed up to prevent data loss. Apple's backup strategy ... Apple offers two versions of complete device backups, … Continue reading iOS Device Backup

Mac Back

If you use iCloud contacts can be automatically synced across your other iOS devices. Go to Settings - iCloud - Contacts and switch the slider to ON. For backing up your contacts you can use iCloud or iTunes backup or sync your contacts e.g. with Microsoft Outlook. The disadvantage of iCloud backups as well as … Continue reading Mac Back

iCloud Backup fails

The last backup could not be completed. This message may occur if you back up your iOS-Device on iCloud. It's unrewarding like many other error messages shown on any devices. I get this message every time I delete the last iCloud backup for my iPad or iPhone going to Settings - iCloud - Storage + … Continue reading iCloud Backup fails