Just to remind you

This happened in September 2007. “I have received hundreds of emails from iPhone customers who are upset about Apple dropping the price of iPhone by $200 two months after it went on sale. After reading every one of these emails, I have some observations and conclusions. First, I am sure that we are making the … Continue reading Just to remind you

Charging means staying connected

Hey Apple, is there a 75m cable available? It would cover the part of my garden in which I regularly have to cultivate fruit and vegetables. 1m of the magnetic charging cable for the Apple Watch with USB connector is €35 in the German Store. 0.3m with a USB-C connector is also €35. What? 1/3 … Continue reading Charging means staying connected

5G isn’t available yet

but hey Apple, I use your smart phones for more than 5 years. So I‘m not amused if you’re late to the party again with implementing a new technology. If I would invest in a 2019 iPhone I‘ll keep it until at least 2025. Without 5G? Admittedly we all don’t know what we have to … Continue reading 5G isn’t available yet