A watch with LTE?

5 08 2017

But why?!
Doesn’t everyone carry their phone 90 percent of the time?

Sure — but that’s because we have to, else risk dropping off the radar and accidentally making everyone think we’re dead.

The whole story …

The next Watch won't need an iPhone

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The Weather Channel

30 07 2017

An IBM business

We Take the Weather Seriously. But Not Ourselves.
TWC slogan 1982

News from the stock exchange is always being discussed by investors. News about the weather is a *mainstream conversation*. I cannot present stats but I think it's the most talked about topic worldwide with quite different motivations.

Oscar Wilde told us …

Pray don't talk to me about the weather, Mr. Worthing. Whenever people talk to me about the weather, I always feel quite certain that they mean something else. And that makes me quite nervous.

Back to our topic …

After ditching Yahoo Weather with iOS 8 we get weather information within Apple's built-in app Weather from The Weather Channel, an IBM business since 2016. But it pisses me off though that their 1996 slogan

No Place on Earth Has Better Weather.

is a barefaced lie.

Regarding the app …

Did you know that the app provides a comprehensive view in landscape mode?
And have you ever seen the perfect design on an Apple Watch?

Apple is committed to UI simplicity which most often is followed by a perfect UX. But sometimes a bit more customization would be highly appreciated. I'm talking about the widget which cannot be set to a different location than the current one.

If you want more in a nice packaging try out the top-rated app The Weather Channel with its useful alert settings.

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Sir, your IP please

23 07 2017

The answer to this question will replace all other information you currently know about yourself. In about a year the IoH will complete the IoT. So be prepared to always be able to show your IP.

Here is a HowTo to get your IP right on your wrist whenever you need it.

It uses Apple’s app WORKFLOW (for editing and running a set of actions based on iOS APIs) and WATCH. Install WORKFLOW on your iPhone from the App Store and on your Watch using the App WATCH. I recommend to put it in the DOCK of your watch for fast and easy access.

Create a Workflow (I called Get IP) within the app WORKFLOW.

01 Open WORKFLOW on your iPhone.

02 Tap +.

03 Select “Apple Watch” as the type of the Workflow.

04 Swipe right to show the Action menu and select “Scripting”

05 Go to “Device” and drag “Get current IP Address” into your workflow (on the right side).

06 Swipe right to show the Action menu and select “Scripting”.

07 Go to “Content” and drag “Get name” into your workflow (on the right side) as the second command.

08 Swipe right to show the Action menu and select “Sharing”.


to later paste your IP into a message

09 Go to “Clipboard” and drag “Copy to clipboard” into your workflow (on the right side) as the third command.

to show your IP also on your iPhone

10 Swipe right to show the Action menu and select “Documents”.

11 Go to “Previewing” and drag “Quick look” into your workflow (on the right side) as the fourth command.


Now you’ll easily get your IP, send it via AirDrop to the officer who just caught you up so that he can directly charge your credit card you set up in Apple Pay.


Here is the link to download my workflow “Get IP”. Follow the instructions for importing it into your WORKFLOW app.

Get IP Workflow for import

You may see this as a workout for your brain and a possible starting point for a great career as an iOS developer.

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