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27 08 2017

With  Watch Support.

Your movement order right on your wrist.

Only a few Germans join the army as professional soldiers. So Germany’s Ministry of Defense – conducted by Ursula “Rosie” von der Leyen who recently gave the pros a chewing out – started a new campaign with the app “Bundeswehr Challenge”.

It’s free, no subscription.

However the  Watch support is fake news.


But wait. Look at the image.

Is that the new Apple Watch?

Ming-Chi Kuo didn’t tell us anything about a rounded shape of an upcoming iteration.

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The sad answer of a global player

11 05 2017

The problem

Apple, a global player?

The sad answer

So if you are an honest guy buy or rent a house in the USA to get a billing address, contact a US bank to get a credit card accepted by Apple and then download the free app you were looking for from the US App Store.

This casts a poor light on an internationally acting company.

There are some workarounds to get a US Apple ID with faked personal data. Apple Support on Twitter clearly stated that this is against Apple’s ToS.

Don’t be evil.

With your non-US credit card you can pay everywhere in the world but not necessarily in Apple’s App Store.

Apple, a global player?

10 05 2017

Yes, but there are some annoying limitations.

Here’s just one example for a very annoying fact regarding the availability of apps.

KASIKORNBANK PCL is my bank in Thailand where I’m living since 8 months. They offer a well-designed app with lots of useful features to manage accounts and transfer money.

The app is worldwide available on Google’s Play Store as well as Microsoft’s Store but not in Apple’s German App Store, my “Home” App Store.

But it’s available in the Apple’s US App Store and when I try to change the store Apple want me to enter a payment method. Well, I have a Mastercard from Germany’s biggest bank but it’s not accepted. With this card I already paid all over the world but I can’t do it in the App Store.

And btw, why should I enter a payment method and a faked address in the USA?

Kasikornbank’s app is free!

That’s my feedback #<I don’t know> I sent to Apple and it’s my 3rd complaint against an area of operation for which Phil Schiller is the responsible SVP!

What else regarding Apple as a global player?

Well, there are more and more stock apps which are not available in many countries, there are languages which let SIRI give up on life.

And there is an essential app you’ll need in case of an emergency. It’s called “Health” but it’s not adapted to country-specific healthcare systems. Developers, you mustn’t do it for me, just let me configure the app so that health workers get relevant information.

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