Discount Spreadsheet

You find lots of sophisticated and powerful apps in Apple’s App Store. Some of them are shining examples for simplicity and plain design and follow the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid). One of them is Discount Spreadsheet by Luminant Software, Inc. It got an updated UI and a long awaited new keyboard in July … Continue reading Discount Spreadsheet

Microsoft Edge for iOS

Another highlight from Redmond Microsoft’s browser EDGE made for Windows 10 is now available for iOS. And it’s fast, easy to use, and gives a continuous browsing experience from your iPhone to your Windows 10 PC (which in my opinion is still better than a Mac). “Your stuff syncs in the background, allowing you to … Continue reading Microsoft Edge for iOS

Emojis, Animojis, Hamojis

Did you know that 44 likes iPhones? But there’s more. Since years the world was looking for these little cute images of the Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton. “There is an app for that.” Lewis Hamilton’s official Hamoji app gives you access to over 200+ new & exclusive emoji, stickers and expressions, all handpicked … Continue reading Emojis, Animojis, Hamojis