Move to iOS

After the Apple event Android users might consider to switch to the iOS platform if they are convinced that Tim Cook’s pulls the rabbit out of the hat. Apple devices live in a closed ecosystem? Definitely NOT. Google as well as Microsoft offer app lineups which let you stay where you came from. And more. … Continue reading Move to iOS

Inspiration got an update

The app Inspiration is for both, creating mind maps and concept maps. What’s the difference? Mind Maps are captured visualizations of fairly independent objects gearing for extensions and loosing much of their relevance for people who weren’t involved in the creation process. The tree limb is just connected to the bole. Concept Maps visualize knowledge … Continue reading Inspiration got an update

The Calculator

The built-in iOS calculator on the iPhone is well-designed but you should know some hidden features which make the experience smoother. Swipe to delete digits Just swipe left or right to backspace and delete the most recent entry instead of clearing the entire value. Copy / paste You can quickly copy and paste results or … Continue reading The Calculator