In some way forget Apple’s Calendar. There are way too less options for alerts. 2 hours before a flight is ready for takeoff? Google did a much better job with a perfect combination of options. Thanks for dropping by.

A stupid question?

Wether it’s Apple’s Keychain, 1Password, Enpass, or any other password keeper: With just one password you get them all. Sorry, what has this to do with security? The professionals don’t stop telling us that we shouldn’t use the same password for different services but in reality we use just one for all of them. Please … Continue reading A stupid question?

Move to iOS

After the Apple event Android users might consider to switch to the iOS platform if they are convinced that Tim Cook’s pulls the rabbit out of the hat. Apple devices live in a closed ecosystem? Definitely NOT. Google as well as Microsoft offer app lineups which let you stay where you came from. And more. … Continue reading Move to iOS