Network (2) Apple Airport router

Part (2) of my articles about networks is about the installation of an Apple Airport Extreme router (APE). The internet connection is established via a Cisco modem which is connected to a cable internet plug connection. You remember, a router is the device which mainly does the addressing within your local area network (LAN) that … Continue reading Network (2) Apple Airport router

Lost WLAN-Connection

There is still something going wrong with the WLAN-Connection under iOS 6.0.1 update from 2012-11-01. Configuration ... iPhone 4 S with iOS 6.0.1 Cellular data turned on WLAN turned on Apple Airport Extreme Router PPPoE-Connection from APE to DSL-Provider Symptoms ... iPhone 4S does not connect to WLAN iPhone 4S looses WLAN-Connection and switches to … Continue reading Lost WLAN-Connection

Lacks of iWork

There are some lacks in Apple's iWork-Suite. Consider the following situation. It is not possible to store the document directly on a USB-Stick attached to an Apple Airport-Router. That does not go together with Apple's aspiration to ensure highly integrated connectivity. A possible, but not convenient scenario is ... Select the document. Select 'Open in … Continue reading Lacks of iWork