I moderated the largest Apple-related community on Google+ with 900k+ members but I looked for a new home after Google announced the sunset of the consumer version of Google+ in August 2019. All communities, collections, posts, comments, and memberships will be deleted.

Do the right thing!

Google has long used the phrase “Don’t be evil” as a company slogan, including it in the founder’s letter for its IPO in 2004, and at the top of its Code of Conduct.

Alphabet (Google’s parent company) has exchanged that by “Do the right thing” follow the law, act honorably, and treat each other with respect.

Killing Google+ is a contradiction to the new slogan.

How I picked up my new home.
Here are the main criteria for my final decision.


Computers are out for most of the tasks we do today on the Internet. Social networking is done on mobile devices. Especially young people like to stay tuned while on the go.

I would never join a network
if there is no app (Android / iOS) for it.


Quality comes with well-researched content, packed in a nice housing, and provoking fruitful discussions.

It needs moderation
to achieve this admittedly subjective goal.


We are all responsible for what we do. The Internet is no legal black hole. What you can’t say on your workplace you shouldn’t say on the Internet. People made rules (Etiquettes, Discrimination, Copyright, Fair Use, etc). We all know that there must be someone who takes care about members not abiding by these rules. Young people learn from the elders. They must be educated to keep the planet peacefully running.

Social Media without moderation isn’t social.

Also, Jason Hardy, product manager of MeWe, announced some exciting improvements.

Conditions are complied.
So I found my new home on MeWe.

Please connect to

Thomas on MeWe

and join

My group ‘Apple iThings’ on MeWe

Thank you very much.

More about MeWe …

MeWe CEO Mark Weinstein talking about the next-gen social network.

Mark specifying …

MeWe’s Commitments

Mark talking …

About competitors

A video with

Jason Hardy, Product Manager at MeWe

The MeWe


Thanks for paying attention.
I hope to see you on MeWe soon.