About the iPhone backup

Important data is saved into various files within the backup folder of a computer when using the software dino iTunes to backup your iThing. Btw, I hate this bloated tool combining the work of DJs with that of users who just want to manage their iOS devices. Developers, isn't it possible for you to give … Continue reading About the iPhone backup

Will this be Apple’s Next Big Thing?

Facebook will announce a new cryptocurrency this month. The project is called “Libra”. Facebook employees working on Libra can choose to be paid in FB-Coins (or whatever the currency will be named) or hard cash. A global launch could happen in 2020 for a user base much bigger than the Europe and the USA together. … Continue reading Will this be Apple’s Next Big Thing?

It would cause quite a headache

if Reminders and Calendar events stop syncing with your Apple Watch. It happened to me in May for the first time in 3 years according to Murphy’s Law “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. ‘Reset Sync Data’ solved the problem with my 1st gen Apple Watch and my iPhone 6s Plus. Here's what … Continue reading It would cause quite a headache