Join ‘Apple iThings’

In my opinion MeWe is the best alternative after the shutdown of Google+ in April 2019 to continue posting and discussing about technology and beyond. Twitter is too limited for me. Facebook is too personal and makes the data of its users part of their business model.

How did I pick up my new home?
Here are some relevant criteria for my final decision to join MeWe.


Computers are out for most of the tasks we do today on the Internet. Social networking is done on mobile devices. Especially young people like to stay tuned while on the go.

I would never join a network
if there is no app (Android / iOS) for it.


Quality comes with well-researched content, packed in a nice housing, and provoking fruitful discussions.

It needs moderation
to achieve this admittedly subjective goal.


We are all responsible for what we do. The Internet is no legal black hole. What you can’t say on your workplace you shouldn’t say on the Internet. People made rules (Etiquettes, Discrimination, Copyright, Fair Use, etc). We all know that there must be someone who takes care about members not abiding by these rules. Young people learn from the elders. They must be educated to keep the planet peacefully running.

Social Media without moderation isn’t social.

MeWe feels like Google+ and is already the new home for many Google+ refugees.

One of the really exciting features is the Community Chat in which members can discuss topics which are not related to specific posts. which are not related to specific posts. You can also easily start a chat with one or more of your contacts. Another feature – some like it, some don’t – is to use emojis (instead of a single +1 we had on Google+) for crediting or disliking posts or giving any other emojinal response to a poster’s content.

Please join the open group ‘Apple iThings’

Apple iThings

on MeWe, the next-gen social network, home of lots of Google+ refugees.

This group is heavy moderated and you won’t find any kind of bullshit, spam, porn, or other off-topic stuff.

How to join

If you aren’t already on MeWe click on JOIN and fill in the required data. You mustn’t use your real name. Confirm your mail address with the mail you get from MeWe. Download the app and search for the open group “Apple iThings”. Join. That’s it.

Looking forward to meet you on MeWe.