Blogging with iPad + iPhone

No computer, no mouse, no keyboard, no cables, just an iPad, an iPhone. That seems to be a minimalistic configuration for blogging and doing all the other things where an electronic device is a bit more comfortable than a pen, sheets of paper, card boxes, and postage stamps. This time I want to talk about … Continue reading Blogging with iPad + iPhone

Blog Summarizer

The radiation intensity is growing up. The reason is not only a hole in the ozone layer. Today we are more and more faced with a new kind of radiation, the information radiation. Sources of this kind of radiation are Radio and TV stations, Print Media, Newsletters, Social Networks, E-Mails, etc. The solution is not … Continue reading Blog Summarizer

Features of blogs is powered by WP is the worldwide largest offer for free Blogs (35 million) with a lot of pre-defined functionalities so that everybody is able to publish articles within less than one day. In contrast to self-hosted blogs on there are some limitations regarding plug-ins, design and source code because of security … Continue reading Features of blogs