Presenting with iPad (1)

With an Apple TV you can use Apple's AirDisplay feature to display the screen of any iOS device on a TV. If you don't need all the further functionalities of Apple TV there is a low cost alternative for e.g. displaying Keynote presentations on a TV or on a wall with the help of a … Continue reading Presenting with iPad (1)

Short-Haul Flight

iOS Airways welcomes you on our flight from iPhone to iPad. Please be sure your seat belts are fastened as our captain will go by the speed of light. If you're going to leave anything after touch down, please make sure it's something we'd like to have. The basic idea ... M2M or machine-to-machine communication, … Continue reading Short-Haul Flight

Network (3) Port Forwarding

Parts (1) and (2) of my articles about networks gave you some basic knowledge about networks and discussed the possibility to connect from the LAN to the WAN or in other words from the devices at home to the webservers in the outer world. The reverse way, connecting from WAN to LAN, is basically not … Continue reading Network (3) Port Forwarding