OK Google+

I use your mobile app for iOS since years on my iPhone and wrote many Feedbacks and Reviews but you didn't give me what I need as a moderator in a big, a very big community. So I'm back again with an updated view on the issues hampering to do a great job. We mods … Continue reading OK Google+

Creating Collages

People say ... A picture is worth a thousand words. And there is more ... Humans are designed to absorb visualized information in a jiffy and in many cases remember this information much longer than any other stimulation of senses. Create collages on your iPad. It's not only funny but also lets you digest the … Continue reading Creating Collages

UI and UX

Not all readers are familiar with all the abbreviations used in the IT world. So, UI means the User Interface and describes the layout of an app seen by a user. Developers should follow some standards published by Apple in The iOS Human Interface Guidelines (see 'Related links ...'). UX means the User Experience and … Continue reading UI and UX