Keep it simple, stupid with an all-purpose stunning stump. I bought this stand some years ago in the Apple Store as an accessory for my iPhone. As you can see it’s still in use and believe me it’s completely within Apple’s business and design philosophy. It’s • safe • simple • of high durability • … Continue reading KISS

Technogy for your life

Needless to say that it’s annoying to see different standards of charging. Big companies signed a voluntary memorandum of understanding in 2009. Apple, you also signed this MoU but nothing happened. E-waste is a growing problem, and the rapid improvements of devices is only making it worse. We use a gadget for a while and … Continue reading Technogy for your life

Tesla power pack

The company is not running well (due to a buggy and fraudulently acting CEO) but there’s hope. This little piece of technology looks really nice and it could be manufactured in an appropriate quantity. Maybe. Or not? Hey Elon, what’s your take? Tesla wireless battery pack Note $65 for 5W wireless charging and 7.5W via … Continue reading Tesla power pack