Camera beaming

Sometimes you have to watch what is happening at another place. You can do this with a camera installation or with an iOS device and the app AirBeam by Appologics UG, Germany. AirBeam for iOS is a Universal App that means if you buy it in the App Store it can be installed on all … Continue reading Camera beaming

iWebDAV connection

There are lots of utilities connecting an iOS device with cloud services like Dopbox, iDrive or Google Drive. But Usually these apps cannot connect two iOS devices like an iPhone and an iPad. Avatron Software Inc., USA offers an app where two iOS devices can be connected via WebDAV with some additional benefits like connecting … Continue reading iWebDAV connection

iPhone’s dining habits

Your iOS devices are nothing without waves. Waves are the food for every mobile device connected to the internet or your carrier and contain the information e.g. needed for your browser to show websites and for a phone call to transmit your voice. But what are waves and how does this work? You all know … Continue reading iPhone’s dining habits